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Andy Moran joins forces with Evolution Fitness


WORKING TOGETHER  Ronnie Carroll of the Evolution Fitness Group and Andy Moran of The Movement Gym in Castlebar have joined forces.

Mike Finnerty

THE Movement Gym in Castlebar — which is owned by Mayo footballer Andy Moran — has joined forces with the Evolution Fitness Group to create education and employment opportunities for people in the region.
Moran is also a brand ambassador for the joint operation that gives men and women the opportunity to study to be fully-qualified and certified personal trainers.
There are also plans to enroll and educate students in areas such as hairdressing, beauty, make-up, health and nutrition.
Ronnie Carroll, the owner of the Evolution Fitness Group, said he intends to create ‘an education centre’ in Castlebar ‘with a series of classrooms and a salon environment’ with the aspiring personal trainers also working with Andy Moran in his popular gym.
“I founded the Evolution Group in 2015 with a two-prong strategy — education and physical fitness,” Ronnie told The Mayo News.
“We wanted to create a long-term strategy where we could produce our own work-force and educate those people ourselves. It took off so quickly that we had to expand into different locations — we’re in Kilkenny with TJ Reid Health and Fitness and we’ve also gone into Salthill-Knocknacarra GAA club as well as Andy Moran’s gym here in Castlebar.
“The business is all about education — we are teaching people to teach other people. In our environment, we’re teaching personal trainers how to teach their clients about how to ultimately train themselves.
“It’s a different kind of approach to training.
“Our courses are worldwide accredited courses, for people who may not have gone to college, who may have a passion for fitness who may not have found a suitable course in third-level,” he added. “This is just a different avenue for them to pursue a career in this field.
“Because of the big demand we’re now gone down different avenues like hair, beauty, make-up, health, nutrition.
“We just launched our beauty school in Dublin so we now have our own nail bar and beauty salon, and want to replicate that in Castlebar, and stay aligned with Andy’s gym.”
For his part, Andy Moran admitted that he didn’t need much persuasion to come on board after being introduced to Ronnie Carroll by a mutual acquaintance.
“The big thing for me is that it gives people in the West of Ireland the chance to qualify through the course without having to travel to Dublin, like every other course,” he said.
“There are guys out there who don’t want to go down the full-time third-level education route, and this gives them the chance to do that.
“We had Cian [Hanley] who came back here from Australia last year, we were in the fortunate position that we could offer him a job, and it worked out perfectly that he was able to start the course as well.
“Now Cian is teaching classes and taking people through Personal Training so it’s worked out well for us as well.
“He’d been a professional athlete for four years, but this gives him the certification to be fully qualified and fully insured, to be in here adding to his knowledge.”
Ronnie Carroll is currently looking for a suitable location close to the Movement Gym in the Moneen Industrial Estate in Castlebar where he can base the students who enrol on the various courses in January, May and September.
Andy Moran, meanwhile, is focussed on trying to grow his workforce and expand his business.
“My proudest moment with the gym is that we’ve kept seven young men and women in the area, and we aim to grow that over the coming months” he revealed.
“If we want to keep the West of Ireland strong, the most important thing is that we keep jobs in Mayo.
“So if we could create those jobs, and the Government could help out too, that would be great.
“You need to be educated to work in a gym,” added the Ballaghaderreen native. “People might want to do this on the side, along with their job, some people might just want to educate themselves. This gives them the opportunity.”