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Meet the Westport warriors


Patrick O’Malley
NICKNAMED Paddy ‘Lurch’ after big Joe Joyce’s horse. The holy one of the group, he had an exemplary Mass attendance last year with talks of a eucharistic ministerial position in the pipeline.

Niall McManamon
IN 2013 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for crimes they didn’t commit. One man promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Westport underground. Today, still wanted by the County Board, he survived as a student in Galway. If you have a corner forward ... that no one else can mark … maybe you should hire … Niall McManamon (AKA ‘Glue’)!

Kevin Keane
A BIG Mammy’s boy, Kevin’s bark on the field is worse than his bite. He once cut short a summer in Boston as he ’missed the home comforts’. Keeps note in a black book of people who owe him money.

Keelan Dever
STUDYING strength and conditioning in UL, he enjoys long walks, good conversation and has a book of motivational quotes he keeps under his pillow at night.

Brian O’Malley
ANOTHER Mammy’s boy, his mother Sharon refers to him as ’my Brian’. He retains a strict diet regime of a fry a day, which may point to why he’s still living in his brother’s shadow. And what’s this about a mattress in the White Berlingo van?

Brian McDermott
A ONCE aspiring rugby player, Brian was forced into converting to GAA by the Keane family/dynasty during his adolescence before being allowed to go out with their daughter Laura.

James Walsh
WHEN he’s not ‘finding himself’ on the Greenway, Jimmy ‘Guns’ can be found in the Castlecourt gym most evenings keeping close watch over the 25kgs. Quoted in July 2016: “Get heavy on the weights, or the weights will get heavy on you.”

Lee Keegan
YOU may be familiar with Lee being an accomplished footballer, but were you aware he once checked the year of a bottle of wine, frowned, and said: “Ah Jaysis, that’s gone off long ago”.

Shane Scott
THIS September will mark the five-year anniversary of the time Shane headed to Croke Park for the All-Ireland only to realise he’d lost his ticket. Quote: “I lost the ticket. I was close to tears”. A special shout out to Jason McDaid for saving the bacon that day.

Fionn McDonagh
SON of the famous Willie McDonagh recently featured on RTE’s Room to Improve.

Phil Keegan
TATTOOS, leafy greens and Newcastle United. After a stellar first year in S&C coaching, PK fitness classes are expected to be back up and running in the coming months with pre-bookings now being taken.

Liam Staunton
THE self-proclaimed ‘pure Cove’ of the group, ‘Tanto’ once landed to training on a Sunday morning stinking of drink, claiming a keg burst in the pub cellar and he had to clean it.

Colm Moran
THE social media tycoon of the group, Colm has recently gone beyond the 1k followers mark on Instagram following his footballing exploits. In his spare time, he promises only the finest meat SuperValu has to offer.

Paul Lambert
TIGHT jeans, shoes and watches is ‘Lamby’. He continues to maintain the ‘tightest haircut’ status on the panel with blade 0.005 recently displayed in Ennis.

Ronan Geraghty
THE quiet one of the three Geraghtys, Ronan recently found love at the annual dinner dance. If asked how things are going, he’ll likely to respond: “Ah, naatsobaad”.

Aaron Dunne
KNOWN as ‘the Monk’ (Mean Machine), he knows all the words to Gangster’s Paradise.

Colm Geraghty
FRESH from his J1 escapades in Chicago (with the odd romance), he returned on a skateboard thinking he was Tony Hawk for the first two weeks. He vehemently opposes the notion he is ‘all left foot’ and is considered the slipperiest of the three Geraghtys.

David Horan
WITH an exemplary record throughout the year, Davy rarely misses a training session. If absent, he’ll likely be found watching his beloved Manchester United or picking out his latest outfit over in New Look or Radar.

Declan Gallagher
CYCLING-MAD. A hurler by trade, he can regularly be seen wearing Mayo hurling gear at training ... very, very regularly.

James McHale
A NATIVE of Killawalla, ‘Pablo’ played underage with Ballintubber before seeing sense and making the transfer to Westport in 2010. Ballintubber have won three county titles in his absence.

Oisín McLaughlin
THE young speedster is well equipped in cross-country running as well as the football. Was once spotted doing Christmas shopping for his girlfriend in October.

Alan Kennedy
DESPITE his origins in Meath, Alan claims to have supported Mayo in ’96 (Tribunal still ongoing). Goes through a minimum of one haircut per week.

Mark McCaffrey
METICULOUS in all things preparation, the engineer (nicknamed ‘Star’ after Kieran Donaghy) is the go-to man for info on stretches, foam rolling and quadricep optimization.

Shane Geraghty
ALLEGEDLY tried to make a toasted sandwich before by putting it in the microwave (citation: Tom Dever). The boy racer turned footballer recently retained top position for Laps of the Town in January.

Thady Gavin
PAROCHICALLY baptised Thady James John Gavin Jnr. he is best known off the field for his late night renditions of Maniac 2000.

Tom Reynolds
FOLLOWING 27 years of farming captivity, ‘TR’ has recently flown the nest to a new penthouse on John’s Row. Currently his opening Tinder line of ‘key under the letter box’ has proved unsuccessful.

Kieran McNally
A TEACHER in Dublin, Mac Attack trains hard and plays harder. Originally from Castlebar, he was taken under Westport’s wing when they realised he was stone mad on the beer.

Conor Clarke
WESTPORT’S Galway native was once spotted brushing his teeth in the changing room before a challenge match. Fluent in Italian, he plays a pivotal role in the wine selection for the annual GAA dinner-dance.

Brian Fleming
FREQUENTLY based in Prague and Costa Rica, Brian’s been clocking up the miles recently, travelling back at weekends for club matches.

Colm Higgins
THE porter shark was once nicknamed ‘Stanley’ after he cut his finger with a Stanley knife. He claims to be formidable at chatting up American women. Three cheers for Colm.

Lewis Cawley
LAST year Lewis forgot his boots for a Kelly Cup game in Breaffy, meaning he missed the warm-up and pulled his hamstring after ten minutes. He has also yet to return to golf since his defeat to ‘TR’ last year.

Gary Keane
THE goalie last time Westport won Intermediate in 2009, Gary is sidelined with an ACL injury. He claims to have lasted longer in America than Kevin, although that’s up for debate.

Liam Ketterick
A STALWART of the full-back line all year, Liam’s parish status has often raised eyebrows, residing originally in Murrisk. Speculation only mounted further when both Louisburgh and Westport flags were recently draped in the driveway.

Seán Brogan
THE third ACL victim of the year, the ’Bear in the Square’ was the main target in the league and group stages until his injury. Has been known to put away three dinners.

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