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Paddy O’Reilly


Laughta, Louisburgh

Paddy O’Reilly was born May Day 1926. He had seven brothers and three sisters. Paddy spent some of his life working in England before he returned to his true home in Laughta.
Paddy was a hill man through and through and it is safe to say that he knew every one of his sheep, and they certainly knew him. Paddy was a man that was very easily pleased and enjoyed the simple things in life. He woke up every morning doing a job that he loved. The only tools he required were his cap, his stick, his pipe and his trusty dog.
He was a man that had an interest in everything. He loved watching football and darts and was fascinated by nature programmes and what other animals aside from sheep and cattle got up to. He also enjoyed a good laugh and got a great kick out of the ‘three queer lads’ on ‘The Last of the Summer Wine’. Without fail the weather forecast could not be missed and this was the only time when everyone had to “whist” because his plans and journeys hinged on this.
With Paddy’s passing a generation also leaves with him. A flame burnt in him like no other and all who knew him fed off his positivity, his outlook on life and most of all his kindness. As a family man he kept everyone around him watertight and engrained his ways in all. Ninety-one years later his flame has finally quenched and his watch in Laughta has come to an end, but what he has left behind will continue on through all who knew him. Paddy was a gentleman and great friend to all. Everybody loved him and he reciprocated that love, and those he has left behind are sure he will continue to keep a close eye on them.
Rest in peace Paddy, until you and your loved ones meet again, to plough the Rocks of Bawn.

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