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John Pearse Gannon


Deerpark East, Westport

Pearse got his early education in the Christian Brothers school in Westport where he met and made many of his life long friends. During this period he was a dedicated member of Westport Scouts, where he enjoyed the many activities arranged by them  - hiking, camping and weekly meetings. He spent his secondary school years as a boarder in St Jarlath’s College, Tuam. During these years he blossomed from being the shy boy that he was to being the outgoing, witty person everybody grew to know and love.
Pearse’s best attribute was his deep philosophical and social intelligence. He was always sensitive to other people’s feelings and problems, he never judged only understood and supported. He was quite a pedant and could engage in all sorts of subjects which endeared him to many. His empathetic personality enabled him to dig deep inside someone and see past everything to the person’s soul and essence. This in turn made him extremely popular. You didn’t have to know Pearse well to know that he was someone special. As one friend said of him, he always made you feel a ‘million dollars’. Other comments passed of him were: “I only met him once but what a legend,” or “he was such a true gent” and “he was the kindest person I ever met.”
Those who knew him well described Pearse as the ‘ultimate rock,’ and the ‘gentle giant’. He was faithful and loyal to the end. On all occasions, happy or sad, Pearse always kept in touch and offered his humor, support and meaningful advice. He was always there to listen to a friend’s problems and give them a helping hand.
His Facebook profile doesn’t mention what job he worked or where he went to school, it simply states: “I am me.” Pearse taught all he met that what really matters in life is not prestige or wealth but for our hearts to be warmed with kindness and love.  

‘He was a rare thing’
Pearse was a born performer, he didn’t need a stage. People just flocked to him to enjoy his comedic talent. He was a brilliant storyteller and had a keen memory - a trait he inherited from his father, John. Small wonder he was the life and soul of every party. He was passionate about music and used to DJ for festivals and parties. He loved festivals and could always be seen in a costume chatting to the crowd and making people laugh. He just wanted people to be happy and laughing, and he was happy making people laugh. He even managed to perform at his own wake, through a voice recording he had made the week before his death of ‘The Irish Jubilee’.
Another of his passions was travelling. He spent many years abroad working and travelling. After a period working in a bar in Perth, Australia, his boss offered to sponsor him if Pearse would stay there. But, along with his then girlfriend, Mary Teresa, they decided that they had more of the world to see. Later, his travels brought him to New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Las Vegas, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Croatia and too many others to name.
He had many jobs in his lifetime and was known as a loyal, trustworthy hardworking employee. He worked in Walsh’s, Hotel Westport and the Knockranny House Hotel. He moved to Dublin and worked as a bar man in O’ Sullivan’s and in McGruder’s Bar. When the bar closed he left there richer with his new best friend Karl, for whom he was best man in January 2016. He worked in Horican’s Pub as he took on an apprenticeship of Instrumentation Technology.
Pearse generously cared for both of his parents in their final illnesses. His care was unstinting and tireless. He made sure that their final days were comfortable. He felt that he was now in a position to return all the warmth and kindness that both his parents had bestowed on him up to that time. He was especially close to his mother, Blå. They were kindred spirits and spent much of their time chatting and giggling. He also loved helping his dad, John, and it was during these working spells that he learnt the necessary life skills while enjoying John’s stories of his working travels. When John was laid out in the funeral home following his passing, Pearse texted Blá with individual messages from the people who came to sympathise as she was too ill to attend. This is an example of how truly kind and loving he was to John and Blå.
After his parent’s deaths, Pearse pursued his travelling passion again. He spent some time in Thailand and Vietnam where he met some of his friends and attended one of their weddings. He moved on to Nepal and India and it was while he was here he decided to follow his lifelong dream of moving permanently to Berlin.
He settled in Berlin in April 2016 and worked with one of his oldest friends, Jonathan Reilly, promoting his hot sauces - Crazy Bastard Sauce. Pearse thoroughly enjoyed selling these sauces at markets, honing his comedic skills. True to form, he continued to make new friends among them a new girlfriend, Verity. He now had begun to nurture his true talent of performance by doing standup comedy and open mic nights. He was in the process of opening a bar which included an events venue.
Pearse died prematurely in his bed on Tuesday morning, February 14. When he was finally repatriated, he was waked in his home in Deerpark East on Wednesday, March 8. The following day a touching tribute was paid by the neighbourhood of Deerpark East by forming a candlelit guard of honour at his removal. His burial took place the following day, March 10, in Murrisk Abbey in the family grave with his parents. Pearse was honored with a wonderful tribute, everyone donned  their hats at the end of the funeral service, in tribute to his unique and vivacious spirit.
He will be greatly missed by his sister, Emer Gannon; her partner Jose Martinez; his aunts Mary Ryan, Bríd O’Connell, Mairin Byrne, Una Quinn and Emer Cadden; his godson, Joe Harburn; his cousins, friends and all who knew him.

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