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Let’s find our #HeroesOfCorona


NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES Brothers Ronan (left) and Eugene Greaney, who have strong Swinford connections, are our inaugural #HeroesOfCorona. Let us know yours via our social media channels (@themayonews on Twitter, The Mayo News on Facebook) using the hashtag. 

Liam Horan 

To point fingers could divide at a time when unity was never more important – so let’s toss some garlands instead.The people behind Dough Bro’s Wood Fired Pizza are my inaugural Heroes of Corona. Ronan and Eugene Greaney are not exactly Mayo born and bre(a)d, but they are sons of Eugene Greaney and Eileen Irwin from Swinford.

They have built up a huge business and reputation in Galway city.

Yesterday, they soared to a whole new level when they announced that they are closing their doors because they can’t maintain safe levels of social distancing in the premises.

“With schools and Universities closing we were inundated with young people, who were in holiday mode. Ahh to be young. We all remember that feeling of getting out of school, our memory of it was the teachers strike. Remember that? The kids faces in the restaurant were like ours as soon as we broke free through the school gates back in the late 90's. But this is different. Very different. This is no holiday,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

You can read the full piece HERE.

The key line is: “So we decided to act on it and adapt our model. As of today The Dough Bros will have NO DINE IN OPTION. However customers will still be able to get our pizza by calling ahead for collection.”

And one to consider too: “Business will be a lot slower and tough times will no doubt lie ahead but it allows us to offer a much needed service to the public while more importantly keeping people as safe as we possibly can, and our staff in jobs.” 

Shout it loud. Hurting themselves for the greater good. Let’s recognise our Heroes of Corona.

There are many others here in Mayo and all over the world:

Donal Geraghty Distribution in Castlebar offering to deliver shopping for free to those who need it; Castlebar Order of Malta saying something similar;

Various software companies offering their products for free to help companies move swiftly to home or remote working;

In Meath, Skryne Gaelic Football Club have formed a help & support group. “Hopefully no family will have to go into isolation but if its a case there will be help at hand. People have always been good to Skryne when a fundraiser has taken place and its our turn to give back something”; 

Hundreds of people making it known they are ready to run an errand, check up on neighbours and stand in a metaphorical gap.

Do you know of any other Dough Bro’s out there willing to close their doors if necessary, difficult and all as that may be?

Or Heroes of Corona who may not need to close their business but simply be fastidious about maintaining social distancing? Tigh Burca in Clonbur and Devour Bakery in Ballinrobe are just two hospitality outlets who have pushed the tables over a metre apart. 

Heroes of Corona need not be in business, of course. They can – and are – ordinary people going above and beyond. By highlighting what they do, we can generate ideas for others who want to help but are not sure how.

“Men needed now,” said Ger Loughnane fadó fadó. He found them then. #HeroesOfCorona needed now. And we can find them too. 

They’re already out there. Let’s recognise their example so they inspire others to action.

If you know of any, let us know, or put it out there with the hashtag.


Better again, be your own #HeroesOfCorona. All the evidence suggests that the war against coronavirus will be waged in millions of tiny battles fought by ordinary people all over this land.