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Call for peace park for Blacksod


Blacksod Lighthouse

Michael Gallagher

The whole world owes a debt to the people of Blacksod and that should be marked by the construction of a peace park on the western tip of Europe according to Erris-based politician, Gerry Coyle.
The well-known county councillor made his remarks during a discussion on tourism at the monthly meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District in Belmullet where he stated he had big plans to bring such a facility to fruition.
“There are only a few games in town here – fishing, farming and tourism. That’s it! We have wonderful tourism attractions here in Erris. We have one of the greatest golf courses in the world, we have amazing scenery and we have Blacksod Lighthouse, which played a crucial role in the Normandy landings on D-Day.
“Without the expertise and the skill of the people in Blacksod Lighthouse, Hitler would not have been defeated. That’s how important Blacksod is and we need to tell the world. After we tell them, we need to give them somewhere to come and visit and I’m working hard on this.
“A Peace Park should be built on the site to honour and remember the contribution to world peace and I will be looking for funding for this later in the year, so I’ll be expecting the support of my colleagues here and on the larger county council,” Cllr Coyle explained.
He went on to talk about the tourism potential of the barony.
“This area has huge potential. We’re working on a project for our own ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ from Ballycroy to Mount Jubilee, which is moving along and this will add to the great experiences we have to offer at the moment. The Wild Atlantic Way was the greatest thing ever to happen from a tourism point of view and we have large numbers of visitors from Ireland and abroad coming here but we have to build on that and expand our facilities,” Coyle added before unveiling a new slogan for the area.
“Trump has MAGA, Make America Great Again – I have KEG, Keep Erris Great, because we’re great already, but we do need a hand now and again.”