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Westport has highest household income in Mayo


CSO statistics show that the median gross income for households in Mayo was €37,214.10

Anton McNulty

The highest average household income levels in Mayo are to be found in Westport, where households bring in an average of €56,585. The lowest income levels in the county are in Achill.
The Central Statistics Office’s latest report from the 2016 Census focused on the geographical profiles of income in Ireland, which examines income for both households and individuals by county and by electoral division.
The report found that the median gross income for households in Mayo was €37,214.10 while the national average was €45,000 in 2016. The median earned income per person working in Mayo in 2016 was €28,206.
By electoral division, households in the Westport Rural Electoral Division had the highest median income in 2016 at €56,585 while the lowest was in the Dooega Electoral Division on Achill Island, which had a median income in 2016 of €24,242, with the neighbouring Achill Electoral Division the next lowest with €24,653.
The Turlough Electoral Division had the next highest household median income at €56,021, followed by their neighbours in the Breaghwy Electoral Division at €55,583. Eight electoral divisions in Mayo showed a household median income in excess of €50,000. They were all located south of Turlough. In north Mayo, the Ardagh Electoral Area had the highest household median income, €48,993.
In towns with a population of 10,000 people or more, the CSO found that Ballina had the third lowest level of income with a household median gross income of €32,779. Castlebar’s household gross median income was €37,271. Nationally, Malahide in Co Dublin, which has a population of 16,550, had the highest, with a household gross median income of €78,631.
The report also found that the State Pension was the majority income in 17.6 percent of households in Mayo – the third highest percentage in Ireland behind Donegal (18.5 percent) and Leitrim (17.8 percent).
In terms of income from social welfare payments, the report found that 15.9 percent of households in Mayo received the majority of their income from these payments.
The public service, education and health sectors provided for the highest proportion of income earned in Mayo, at 32.3 percent. These sectors were followed by the wholesale, transport and accommodation sectors on 20.4 percent; industry on 17.6 percent; financial, real estate, administrative and services on 9.6 percent; ICT, scientific and recreational on 8 percent; construction on 6.9 percent; and agriculture, forestry and fishing on just 5.2 percent.
In education terms, those who held an honours degree qualification as their highest level of education earned an average income of €38,405 per year in 2016.
Commenting on the report, Lianora Bermingham, Statistician, said: “The report shows that the median gross income for households was €45,256 in 2016 and ranged from €32,259 in Donegal to €66,203 in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. Social welfare payments to people of working age made up more than half of the income in 13.7 percent of households while the state pension formed the majority of income in 12.9 percent of households. This gave a total of 26.6 percent of households where social welfare made up more than half of household income in Ireland in 2016.
“Levels of income are impacted by many factors such as gender, general health, level of education and the type of work you do. The findings of this report show that beyond these factors place of work has a substantial impact on income.”