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Planning for Balla poultry farm refused


Ger Flanagan

PLANNING permission to build a 12,000 capacity free-range poultry house in Brownhall Demense, outside Balla has been refused by Mayo County Council.
The planning application, which was lodged by Noel and Ann Mulhern, was for a 1,856 metre squared site set on 1.677 hectares of land, three kilometres south west of Balla.
However, 12 objections from concerned locals were lodged to Mayo County Council regarding the development before the April 23 deadline passed.
In their notification of the decision to refuse to grant permission to the applicants, Mayo County Council cited a number of reasons for refusal, taking into consideration the policies and provisions of the Mayo County Development Plan 2014-2020.
“Having regard to the close proximity of the proposed poultry house building to residential  properties, and the associated noise and general disturbance associated with the development, it is considered that the proposed development, if permitted, would seriously injure the amenities, or depreciate the value, of property in the vicinity and would set an undesirable precedent for other similar developments in this area,” they wrote.
They say that the proposed development would be contrary to ‘proper planning and sustainable development’ in the Brownhall Demense area.
The refusal for planning permission also states that the proposed site is too close to the River Moy, where any potential environmental impact would contravene the EU Habitat Directive.
“The site is located in close proximity to the River Moy SAC Site Code 002298 and in the absence of a complete assessment under Article 6 of the EU Habitats Directive, any potential impact on the environment at this location cannot be established.
“Therefore [it] would contravene materially a development objective indicated in the development plan for the conservation and preservation of a European site insofar as the proposed development may adversely affect one or more specific natural habitat types in Annex I of the Habitats Directive or species in Annex II of the Habitats Directive which the site hosts.”
The applicants have four weeks to decide whether to appeal the decision of the planning authority to An Bord Pleanála.

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