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Regina has started ‘gruelling’ treatment


Regina Duffy has started specialised chemotherapy in the New York hospital where she is being treated 

DESPITE a setback last week, Regina Duffy’s fight for life continues in a New York hospital where she started a specialised chemotherapy treatment for her rare brain cancer yesterday (Monday). The young teacher’s bravery as she takes on her third cancer battle has left her plight in the hearts of many Mayo News readers, whose generosity towards the plethora of fundraising initiatives has exceeded all expectations by her family.
Speaking to The Mayo News yesterday, her sister-in-law, Sian Duffy explained that while resting after two weeks of radiotherapy last week, Regina became ill and was rushed to hospital.
“She wasn’t feeling well and spent two nights in hospital and underwent lots of tests but there is no cause for concern and she started her specialised chemotherapy today (Monday). This will be gruelling and will last for up to two months, depending on how she responds. Jason [her husband] is with her and attends the hospital with her every day,” she said.
It is four weeks since Regina’s treatment started and almost two months since she flew to New York with Jason in a desperate bid to get a more positive prognosis than she had received in her home country. It was after this was given that the phenomenal Regina’s Fight for Life campaign was started by her sister Adele Duffy and Sian, with other family members.
Indeed, Adele Duffy, a teacher of languages in Tourmakeady, flew out to visit Regina during her mid-term break.
“Adele’s visit was great for Regina and for all of us. As is characteristic of her, she is in pretty good spirits but knows the chemo is going to be gruelling and, of course, it is tiring going in and out of the hospital every day. But she is keeping focussed on her treatment, so she can look forward to coming home as soon as possible,” Sian Duffy continued.     
EXPRESSING the family’s gratitude to all the generous supporters of the ongoing campaign, Sian Duffy confirmed yesterday that the campaign had now collected €684,000, of which €380,000 had been already paid to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Regina’s treatment. She explained that all the loans were being paid back, with gratitude, this week from ring-fenced and separate monies.  
“We want to thank all the groups and individuals who have supported us so generously and all those who organised fundraising events. Our upcoming events are on our Facebook page,” Sian Duffy added.

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