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‘Absolute disgust’ at dumping in Clonbur


BRAZEN A clothes dryer dumped at The American Crossroads in Cloughbrack recently.

Ciara Galvin

THE chairperson of Clonbur Community Council has said there is ‘absolute disgust’ at the recent dumping of a clothes dryer, electrical goods and clothing in the area.
Trish Walsh told The Mayo News that the discovery of two incidents of dumping in the Clonbur/Cloughbrack area is ‘astonishing’.
A clothes dryer was discovered dumped at The American Crossroads in Cloughbrack last week while two computer printers and a suitcase full of clothes was found dumped in Rosscahill.
Ms Walsh said the communities of Clonbur and Cloughbrack were making a huge commitment to keep the areas clean through the Pride of Place initiative and volunteers have been litter picking on roadways since early spring.
“Then you have people that almost go out of their way to dump in the lovely locations that we have. It’s pretty annoying,” said the Director of Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre.
The incidents have been reported to Galway County Council which is now investigating the dumping. Evidence of any identifiers such as an address among the rubbish could not be found.

No excuse
The chairperson said that though some would cite bin charges as a reason for exacerbating the dumping problem, she does not agree.
“We have clothing banks, bottle banks, like most communities. People cite things like bin charges but to be honest, the clothes dryer is something that could have been brought back to the point of purchase. Every so often there is an amnesty where the council provide a skip, there really is no excuse. I just can’t get my mind around the fact that a person would literally pack up their car with stuff and go and deliberately dump them.”
Ms Walsh said locals have reacted to the dumping with ‘absolute disgust’ and that the thoughts of people driving out of their way to dump rubbish in the wilderness was ‘astonishing’.
Some of the things that they could bring back to suppliers, it is astonishing what people will do when they could  easily bring them to a recycle point.
“There’s such a great effort done in the area, but then where there are walls or ditches you’ll find bags of rubbish, all we can do is highlight it and report it. We really don’t appreciate it. You’d hate to think people are driving from other places to dump here, to dump in the wilderness,” she concluded.