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Murrisk toilets remind councillor of a 1960s prison


Anton McNulty

A WESTPORT councillor has called for the public toilets at the foot of Croagh Patrick to be upgraded, saying they remind him of something out of the famous movie, the Shawshank Redemption.
Independent councillor Christy Hyland described the public toilets in the carpark in Murrisk as ‘an absolute disgrace’ and called for them to be replaced. Thousands of people descended on Croagh Patrick last Sunday for Reek Sunday and Cllr Hyland claimed the steel bars on the door do not give visitors a good impression of the county.
Speaking at last week’s monthly meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District, he called for funding to be made available to replace the current toilets.
“Where would you get the funding to deal with the toilets in the car park around Croagh Patrick?” he asked. “The building itself is fine but what you need is a whole new toilet and shower system. It has really gone past its sell by date. I have looked at those toilets before and they look grotty and outdated.
“It would remind me of a prison in the 60s. I’m serious because people come from all over Ireland to Croagh Patrick and that is the impression they get of us here in Co Mayo. The door in and out has steel bars. The men’s toilets have gone past their sell by date. We are trying to promote tourism but looking at those toilets when you arrive is absolutely disgraceful.”
Padraic Walsh, Manager of the Municipal District, told Cllr Hyland that he was not aware of any money available for new toilets but will explore possible sources of funding for the toilets.
Cllr Hyland thanked Mr Walsh but reiterated that the toilets are a disgrace and like something out of the ‘Shawshank Redemption’.