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Hyland calls for ‘joined up thinking’ on Murrisk projects



Anton McNulty

A WESTPORT councillor has called for some ‘joined up thinking’ to ensure that three major projects proposed for the Murrisk area take place at once, to prevent the village being dug up on a number of occasions.
Independent councillor Christy Hyland suggested at yesterday’s (Monday) monthly meeting of Mayo County Council that the fibre optic cable from Old Head to Westport, the proposed Greenway from Westport to Louisburgh and the proposed water pipe from Westport to Murrisk should all take place at the same time.
He explained that the three projects are all due to go through the west Mayo village and, if they take place at the same time, it will avoid continued disturbance.
“We will have to dig up for the fibre optic cable to Westport, and if money comes from Irish Water we will have a second dig, and if we get the Greenway open we will have a third dig. Can there be a little bit of joined up thinking here and get the people involved to sit down together and work together and get the whole job done in one dig,” he said.
While Minister Michael Ring allocated money for a Greenway to Louisburgh, there is no sign of the project going ahead and Cllr Hyland asked where the project stood. He also said the ‘people of Murrisk’s hearts are broken’ by the lack of a reliable water supply.
In a reply to his questions, the Chief Executive of Mayo County Council, Peter Hynes said the council will work hard with Irish Water in order for them to prioritise the water project in Murrisk. However, he added the council did not have much influence on Irish Water in this regard.
In relation to the Greenway, he explained that council have appointed an engineer to work on that project and it was a priority. Mr Hynes said the fibre optic cable to Westport would be a major addition to the area and in reply to Cllr Hyland’s joined-up thinking remarks, he said a water pipe would have to go in first and the cable could follow.