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Standing4Women Mayo campaign continues


MAKING THEIR POINT From left: Mary Corduff, Westport; Mayo regional organiser for the Standing4Women campaign, Tara Bleeks, and Una Canning, Westport at the recent Castlebar Standing4Women demonstration in Castlebar.  Pic: Alison Laredo

On Saturday next, July 7, at 2pm nationwide demonstrations will take place against the Cervical Check scandal organised by the Standing4Women campaign, a grassroots movement that has now become a nationwide point of contact, a place of support and a place to share information for many of the women directly affected and the family members of the women who have passed away.
Standing4Women regional organiser for Mayo, Tara Bleeks, stated that the campaign is looking for mandatory open disclosure to be enacted immediately and with no further delay.
“It is imperative that an adequate person–centred support system for the women and families is set up and that they are all provided with a point of contact and access to information, most importantly their own medical files,” said Ms Bleeks.
“The current situation in Mayo is that there are two confirmed cases of affected women in Castlebar, one being Marian Deasy who has been forced to go public in her plight to get answers from the government bodies. To date she has still not been able to access her own medical files which she tried to retrieve through both cervical check and Mayo General Hospital. In Westport Shay McGreal, the partner of the late Dee Feehan, who passed away from cervical cancer in December 2017, has been waiting over two months for a call back from the cervical check helpline. On so many levels the treatment of Shay and Dee Feehan’s family is cruel. The fact that they have had to actively go in search of information to find out if she received incorrect smear test results is an insult. This should have been immediately disclosed, and the longer this goes on the more it looks like an intentional decision to withhold information from the family.”
The Mayo demonstration will take place on Saturday, July 7, at The Fairgreen in Westport at 2pm. Standing4Women is non-party affiliated but asks for cross-party support in this campaign.