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Westport Biodiversity Plan criticised


OVERGROWNAn O'Neills football illustrates the depth of the growth on the green area at St Mary's Crescent in Westport.

Edwin McGreal

Sharp criticism of Westport’s Biodiversity Plan will lead to corrective action by Mayo County Council, according to a local councillor.
Cllr Christy Hyland was speaking after he received many representations from locals on the issue. Part of Westport’s new Biodiversity Plan is a reduction in grass cutting in certain parts of the town.
One of those is St Mary’s Crescent’s where locals have criticised the situation, saying children are no longer able to play on the large green area in the Crescent.
In its draft plan, the council said its plan for St Mary’s Crescent is ‘to create a pollinator oasis in the centre of Westport’.
Part of the plan includes reducing the frequency of mowing to ‘create areas of wildflower meadows and/or wildflower lawns in the parkland’ and to ‘reduce mowing at the river edge to allow long grass to grow adjacent to the river’.
In last week’s Mayo News, letter writer Mairin Byrne, a Westport native, criticised the situation at St Mary’s Crescent.
“I walked down through St Mary’s Crescent and was surprised to see that it was overgrown with long grass. I always understood this to be the town park, available to all. How are the residents of The Crescent meant to enjoy the amenities of this park for play or picnics, if the grass is not cut? Do the children have to play on the road?” she asked.
Cllr Hyland told The Mayo News he had spoken to council management about the issue.
“I have spoken to the council about this and they say they are aware of people’s concerns and that they will deal with the issue in the next week.”

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