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Delay in new speed limit signs at ‘death trap’ junction


DELAY The changing of speed signage is not likely to take place at the Ardboley junction until September.

Ciara Galvin

THE repositioning of signage at a dangerous junction in Balla will not take place until September, council representatives have been told.
The junction at Ardboley, Balla, which was described at the May Castlebar Municipal District meeting as a ‘death trap’, will not have speed limit signs moved to reduce speeds at the location for another three months.
Councillors at the meeting outlined their shock on hearing that it would take until September to change signs at the junction, which is just outside Balla on the main N60 to Claremorris road.
Senior Engineer Ann Sweeney explained to the meeting that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are involved in the changing of the speed limit signs from the current 100km to the reduced 80km. She added that along with the changing of these signs, changes at approximately seven other locations would be taking place. Therefore, the decision was made that they would all be changed together.
Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne said he was ‘flabbergasted’ that it would take this long for signs to be changed and proposed that a delegation from Balla be invited to the next meeting, which was seconded by Cllr Frank Durcan.
Cllr McDonnell told the meeting that from talking to Balla residents, he was of the opinion that speed limits alone would not fix the issues at the junction.
“It needs junction restructuring and traffic calming measures,” said the councillor.
Speaking to The Mayo News the councillor also believes that a reduction to 80km was not enough, and that 60km should still being considered.
Cllr McDonnell also highlighted the speed issue at Ballintubber NS and hoped that the council would look at further measures to tackle speeding in the area, on top of the existing speed limit signs.

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