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Westport businesses warned about counterfeit €50 notes


Michael Duffy

BUSINESSES in and around Westport town have been told to be vigilant as counterfeit €50 notes are believed to be in circulation in the town.
Gardaí are investigating the matter and have been in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce, who in turn have alerted their members to the presence of the counterfeit notes.
“We have circulated an e-mail to all our members this afternoon after the Gardaí contacted us and made us aware of the situation. We have also circulated the serial numbers which are on the counterfeit notes,” said Stephanie Columbani, CEO of the Westport Chamber of Commerce.
The serial numbers which are on the counterfeit notes that have been recovered are:
Z35966189538 and X77537540657.
The Gardaí have asked anyone who finds any of the counterfeit notes to contact them at Westport Garda Station on 098 50230 or any Garda station.

MPU Mayo