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CPOs to tackle Ballinrobe’s derelict sites


Ciara Galvin

BALLINROBE’S derelict site list is to be reviewed upwards by Mayo County Council, but Compulsory Purchase Orders could be enforced.
The number of derelict sites on the list for the south Mayo town had fallen to ten or 12 approximately, however the latest upcoming review will see this figure rise. The increase is due to a number of buildings falling into disrepair recently.
Speaking to The Mayo News about the issue, local councillor Damien Ryan said he is calling for action on buildings that have been on the register for a long time.
“With ones that are on the list quite a while we need to bite the bullet and proceed to CPO [Compulsory Purchase Order] on three or four. The Council have powers and need to make an example out of a few. 2018 needs to be the year of the CPO in the town,” said Cllr Ryan.
The councillor added that plans need to be put in place for the use of some of these buildings and said that the Council will work with owners who are making an effort to ‘bring them up to a certain standard’.
Commenting on the possibility of CPOs on some properties in the town, a Tidy Towns representative said the process should see a ‘significant improvement’.
“For many many years the people of Ballinrobe have sought for something to be done about derelict and rundown buildings which detract from the mainly well maintained parts of the town.”
The representative added that people in the town felt that the many visitors to the area would be influenced by the ‘bad bits’ as to whether or not to stop in the town to shop or dine.
They added that groups such as Tidy Towns, BEO (Business Enterprise Organisation) and the Town Management Team have urged Mayo County Council to put pressure on property owners to improve the buildings.
“This process [CPOs] will take many months but should see a significant improvement. Coupled with approved work to the Bowers Walk, ongoing Public Realm plan and work in progress regarding heritage buildings such as Kenny’s House and the Courthouse, hopes are raised that Ballinrobe will look so much better.”

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