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Westport councillor calls for removal of courtesy crossings


COURTESY OR CURSE? A courtesy crossing at The Fairgreen, Westport. This crossing, which was repaired early this year, is already once again showing signs of damage and surface subsidance. Pic: Ciara Moynihan

Anton McNulty

A WESTPORT councillor has called for the removal of the courtesy crossings in Westport as they are a danger to pedestrians and cause damage to cars.
Mayo County Council recently repaired a number of courtesy crossings at the top of Bridge Street and on Shop Street in Westport but Fianna Fáil councillor Brendan Mulroy believes they should be taken away.
Cllr Mulroy told yesterday’s (Monday) monthly meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District that the crossings cause damage to cars and should be completely removed from the town.
“I know there has been a bit of work done on them but they cause damage to cars and the group who do not want them removed is the garage sector.
“I’d say 100 percent of people would agree to say ‘take them up to hell’ and put a white line across the road and have a zebra crossing. They are falling apart and creating problems, not alone for cars but for people. I saw it last Saturday when Westport was busy, there was an amount of people who were jaywalking across the road with little regard for their own care. It is something we will have to deal with and I would be proposing that we take out the courtesy crossings and come up with a better format,” he said.
While not agreeing that they should be removed, Cllr Tereasa McGuire did say that the crossings had no legal standing, and pedestrians are often lucky not to be knocked down when crossing.
Cllr Christy Hyland also urged caution that the removal of the courtesy crossing would lead to ‘flashing lights’ crossings in Westport, which he was not in favour of.

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