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Concern over relocation of nurses to Claremorris from Ballindine and Hollymount


Michael Commins

MAJOR concern is being expressed due to a decision of the HSE to relocate three Public Health Nurses from Ballindine and Hollymount to the Primary Care Centre in Claremorris town.
It is understood the directive, due to come into operation this Wednesday, was issued in recent times and that many elderly patients in these regions of south Mayo and along the Galway border will be greatly impacted by the move to Claremorris.
Dr Ken Egan, Ballindine, says the decision to direct the nurses to relocate to the Primary Care Centre in Claremorris will greatly inconvenience many elderly people in his area. “We have a public health nurse every morning from Monday to Friday here in Ballindine. The patients who attend establish a special rapport with the nurses and it will be a huge inconvenience for them to have to make the journey into Claremorris.
“People from all around Ballindine and Irishtown and out towards Garrafrauns and up through Garrymore and Ballyglass have availed of this service in Ballindine for years and the same goes for Hollymount where Dr Willie O’Connor caters for so many people and where the Public Health Nurse is also been asked to withdraw to Claremorris.”
Dr Egan says they were given assurances last year that the new Primary Care Centre would not impact on the services provided at the local Health Centres.
“This is another nail in the coffin of country villages. It has always been a positive feature for communities like ours to have the combined service located in the villages and the benefits of the service are clearly appreciated by the people in the rural regions.
“One of the old stalwarts of the public health service over the decades has been the Public Health Nurse. There is a great history there stretching back through the years. Taking these services out of villages like Ballindine and Hollymount will most likely see places like Kilkelly and Balla and others also lose out as well. We hope the HSE will take a fresh look at the situation and revoke the directive to move full time to Claremorris,” added Dr Egan.


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