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‘Arrogant’ drivers ignoring car park signs


CONVENIENTThe Parent and Toddler car parking spaces are located close to the front door of Tesco in Westport.

Michael Duffy

Debate over car parking charges is raging across the county at present but one Westport businessman is fuming at the arrogance of some drivers in Westport who are blatantly ignoring parking signs in the Tesco Car Park on the Ballinrobe Road in the town.
Shane Fitzgerald runs the Carraig Flowers shop which is located in a unit close to Tesco in Westport and he is one of the many businesses in this retail area who is happy free parking can be availed of by his customers. However, in recent months, Shane has noticed an annoying trend of drivers parking for extended periods in the parking areas designated solely for parents and their young children.
These parking spaces are located close to Tesco’s front door and other retail units so that parents don’t have to walk from the far end of the car park with their young children to do their shopping. However, Shane said last week that he was amazed at how many people just simply ignore the clearly visible signage and just abandon their cars without a care.
“I’ve had enough of it to be honest. The parking spaces are clearly marked and painted in blue but some people seem to think they can park wherever they want to. It’s bad enough when people just pull up and do their shopping while parked in these spaces. But what has really annoyed me is the fact that certain people park in these spaces, and leave their cars there for days, or in some cases, a full week.
“The likelihood is that these people are parking up and heading away on the train for an extended period. Plenty of people do this but at least they have the common sense to not park in designated bays. To me, it is the height of arrogance.”
Shane went on to say that these drivers cannot be prosecuted as parking is unmonitored in the car park in question, but he feels others drivers should not be afraid to to tell these people to have a bit of respect.

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