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Councillor calls for action after deluge causes N59 to flood


CONCERN Independent councillor Michael Holmes

Drains unable to hold water after 12mm of rain fell in a one-hour period on Saturday

A COUNCILLOR has called on Mayo County Council to open up and clean drains along roadways after 12mm of rain fell in one hour in Newport and caused flooding to the N59 road.
A deluge of rain fell in the west of the county on Saturday afternoon which caused considerable amount of flooding along large parts of the N59 between Mulranny and Newport.
In a number of places, the road was almost impassable, as vehicles had to cross over onto the opposite side of the road to safely navigate through the floods of water. The carpark at the back of Hotel Newport in the town was also flooded.
A total of 43.1mm of rain was recorded to have fallen in the Newport weather station on Saturday with close to 12mm falling in an one hour period between 3pm and 4pm. Over 20mm of rain fell between 3pm and 6pm and due to the deluge, drains and gullies were unable to cope and the water was flowing onto the road.
Fortunately, the flood water subsided quickly after the rain eased at approximately 6pm and no homes or vehicles were believed to have been damaged as a result.
Local councillor Michael Holmes said he was out of the county on the day and did not witness the rainfall but was told it was the worst to hit the area in many years. He said the deluge showed that the drains could not cope with amount of water and believes this is because they are blocked and need cleaning.
“We haven’t seen rain like it in a long time and the drains along the side of the roads were not able to cope. This is because a lot of the drains are blocked with scrubs and trees growing out of them. They need to be cleaned because Saturday showed that at present their capacity to take water is reduced and water is just flowing onto the roads,” he said.

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