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Special delivery at Roundfort farm


HIGH FIVECathal Murphy pictured with the new arrivals.

Ciara Galvin

THEY say three is the magic number, but for Roundfort farmer Martin Shaughnessy the number was five, when a ewe on his farm gave birth to quintuplets.
Aided by his nephew Cathal Murphy, Martin delivered five Texel-Cross lambs last Saturday week, which has been described as being ‘extremely rare’. Unfortunately since the birth, one lamb died.
The much-anticipated delivery of four ram lambs and one ewe lamb happened at 4am on the farm.
“He [Cathal] was delighted, he wanted to see them being born.
Every one of them had a different position and everything happened at once,” said the farmer.
Described as a ‘busy enough’ start to the lambing season, it’s still very much all hands on deck at the farm, with 110 ewes lambing, averaging two lambs per ewe.


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