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Claremorris man found with nearly €1,000 of cannabis


A CLAREMORRIS man who was found in possession of drugs following a Garda raid on a house had his sentence adjourned for a year.
Stephen Corish of Mayfield, Claremorris, appeared before last week’s sitting of Castlebar District Court charged with the possession of nearly €1,000 worth of cannabis.  The court heard that gardaí searched a premises in The Square, Balla, on March 15, 2017, and found 23.31g of cannabis in the house and 23.5g of cannabis in a car. Inspector Dermot Butler said the total value of the cannabis was €953.20.
Ms Cathy McDarby, solicitor for Mr Corish, explained that her client was in a friend’s house at the time and claimed responsibility for the cannabis.
Detective Sergeant Jim Caden said the house was owned by an individual who they suspected of being a distributor of cannabis but they had no evidence on this man.
Insp Butler said Mr Corish had previous drug-related convictions and received a five-year prison sentence in 1998 for the possession of a drug with intent to supply. When asked about the details of this sentence, Mr Corish said he was in possession of 250g of cannabis. When Judge Mary Devins asked why he had received a five-year prison sentence, he replied, they ‘didn’t like me’.
Ms McDarby said her client was still using cannabis and used it for self medication, as he had a number of health complaints and commented that she was surprised to see him still standing. She said the cannabis was solely for his use and was not an archcriminal.
Judge Devins said this was Mr Corish’s third drug-related conviction and it would normally expect to receive a custodial sentence. She said she would finalise the matter on February 6, 2019.

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