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Claremorris man broke into friend’s home for booze


A CLAREMORRIS man who broke into a friend’s apartment to steal €100 worth of alcohol was told to stay out of trouble for 18 months to avoid a conviction.
Mandaugas Jenkus of Mount Street, Claremorris, appeared before Castlebar District Court, where he pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary.
Inspector Gary Walsh explained that the first offence was reported on June 23, 2016, when the occupant of 1, Town Hall, Claremorris, reported an attempted burglary at 3.30pm. Gardaí observed marks on the door where an attempt had been made to force it open.
The second burglary occurred on July 14, 2016, when the occupant was out of the jurisdiction. This time entry was successfully gained, and bottles of vodka and beer worth €100 were stolen.
Insp Walsh explained that CCTV was viewed, and the defendant was identified. When he was arrested he admitted the offence. He had no previous convictions.
Ms Cathy McDarby, solicitor for Mr Jenkus, said the gentleman who was renting the apartment was known to her client, and Jenkus knew he was away. She said he accepted what he did was wrong and he wished to apologise.
Ms McDarby said he worked part-time and that his partner was expecting their first child. She added that if given time, he would compensate the victim for his loss.
Judge Conal Gibbons questioned why compensation had not been offered already, as he had plenty of time to get the money and should not have to be told.
Ms McDarby responded that it was amazing what people had to be told, and stressed that Mr Jenkus was genuine in his offer for compensation. She added that his family suffered a tragedy and she asked Judge Gibbons to consider ordering a probation report for her client.
However, Judge Gibbons said there was no need for one and stated that while it was a minor offence he would ‘not give anything other than a conviction’.
Ms McDarby stressed that her client was only 24, and she suggested that as he was starting a new life with his family he should be given another chance.
Insp Walsh said that there was a co-accused involved who was not before the court and suggested adjourning sentencing for 12 months to see how he behaves.
Judge Gibbons agreed, but adjourned sentencing for 18 months. He said that if compensation was paid and Mr Jenkus stayed out of trouble, he would give him the benefit of the Probation Act.