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Mayo property prices flatline


Most expensive places remain clustered around Dublin

Ciara Moynihan

In Mayo, residential property prices in the last three months of 2017 have more or less flatlined, rising less than 1 percent higher than where they were a year ago. This figure is stark when compared to the annual rise of 14 percent the county had witnessed at the end of 2016.
The average house price in the county is now €140,000, 26 percent above its lowest point, according to the latest House Price Report released this week by property website Daft.ie. Meanwhile, national prices have risen by an average of almost 47 percent compared to their lowest point in 2013.
Mayo property sellers will be disappointed by the lack of a lift in prices this year, with other counties continuing to see price hikes. Nationally, prices are an average of 9.2 percent higher than they were a year ago.
The least expensive counties in which to buy are still in the west, with Co Sligo averaging €131,000, Counties Roscommon and Longford both averaging €129,000 and Co Leitrim coming in the cheapest at €120,000.
The most expensive places remain those clustered around Dublin City, with Co Wicklow coming in at €316,000, North Dublin City prices reaching €329,000, South Dublin City hitting €395,000 and leafy South Dublin County still king of the pile at €564,000.
The price trends demonstrate that housing demand is focused in and around cities – a trend that Daft.ie’s Ronan Lyons believes will continue. He predicts that Ireland’s population will go from from 65 percent urban to 80 or 85 percent over the coming few decades.
Certainly, without more-consistent government-level commitment to – and investment in – rural Ireland’s infrastructure and economic viability, the future for people living in counties without large urban centres remains uncertain.

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