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Westport triplets help raise awareness of homeless people’s plight


BROTHERS IN ARMS  Pádraic Rocliffe (centre) is pictured with his triplet brothers Ciarán and Seán at the ‘Homeless Heroes’ event in Dublin City Centre at the weeked.

Cory Kilbane

An event in aid of the homeless which was organised by a Westport native took place in Dublin over the weekend and it has been described as a ‘roaring success’.
Pádraic Rocliffe, a physical education student at the University of Limerick, organised an event called ‘Homeless Heroes’ in an attempt to shine a light on the severity of the homelessness situation which is ongoing throughout Dublin. A triplet, he was helped on the night by his brothers Ciarán and Seán.
“It was a roaring success to be honest. We had 50 volunteers who travelled to Dublin from all corners of the country,” Padraic told The Mayo News on Monday.
“It was a lot more than what we expected so it was truly great. When we got up there, there were 145 packs [to distribute to the homeless] altogether and we managed to get rid of around 85 to 90 percent of them,” he explained.
The packs consisted of jumpers, t-shirts, trousers, socks, perishable foods, tooth brushes, tooth paste etc.
“The amount of donations was incredible, it surpassed our expectations above and beyond.”
Due to the successful outcome of the event in Dublin, Padraic has decided to go even further and will bring the event to Cork City next month.
“As a result of the success of this one, we are holding another one in Cork in the new year. We’re thinking we might have it on January 13 but we are not 100 percent sure yet.
“It’s great timing to have another one though, as people have just got new clothes for Christmas and they will be looking to get rid of their old ones,” he said.

After being involved in a life changing road accident last year in the US where he broke his neck, back and foot, Pádraic had to spend Christmas away from home.
Ten months into his rehabilitation in the US, he went out to a Las Vegas diner on Christmas Day. After stumbling across a homeless woman and her son, Pádraic invited them into the diner for lunch and heard their heart breaking story.
Upon his return to Ireland, Pádraic has almost fully recovered and was motivated to organise the event in aid of the homeless.

MORE For more information on the upcoming event in Cork, visit their Facebook page at Shine a Light - Homeless Heroes or contact Padraic at padraicrock@gmail.com or phone 0857362563.

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