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Man assaulted housemate after argument about dogs


A 26-year-old man pleaded guilty to assaulting his housemate and her sister at a house in Castlebar last week
Danny McDonald of 6, Lucan Street, Castlebar, pleaded guilty to a Section 2 and Section 3 assault charges at Castlebar District Court. The court heard that on May 25, 2015, Mr McDonald had an altercation with Ethel Hoare, his housemate, about their dogs being let out into the garden. This resulted in Mr McDonald dragging Ms Hoare by her hair into the hall and her head hit off the walls in the hallway.
She suffered bruises, cuts and was prescribed painkillers. The following day, Mr McDonald was collecting belongings from the house when an argument ensued between him and Ms Hoare’s sister, Patricia Sinnott. The court heard he grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against a wall and grabbed her by the hair while still having her by the throat, and her head hit off a wall. Defending solicitor Cathy McDarby told the court that her client had no previous convictions.
Ms McDarby described the events as ‘appalling’ and said Mr McDonald asked her to apologise to both women. She told the court that her client had overreacted and this could be linked to Mr McDonald’s medication.
Giving evidence, Ms Hoare said McDonald blamed her when the dogs were let out and were not around. She said he threw a dinner plate at her and in return she threw a picnic plate at him and then the assault took place, resulting in another housemate having to take McDonald off her. Judge Mary Devins put the matter back to April 4, 2018 for a Probation Report and to address the matter of compensation.


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