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Wheels stolen from horse sanctuary trailer


Rescue charity’s ‘brand new tyres’ taken

How low will people go? That was what North Mayo Horse Sanctuary founder Gerry Ginty was left wondering after he discovered that four wheels were missing from the animal-rescue organisation’s trailer.
Ginty, an Independent councillor and animal-rights advocate, found the wheelless horse trailer on the afternoon of Wednesday last at Leigue, Ballina. He is not sure when exactly the theft took place, saying it could have happened the night before or early that morning.
The trailer, an integral part of the sanctuary’s functioning, was rendered useless. However, kindness prevailed, and Padraic O’Haire of O’Haire Trailers in Kilmaine offered replacement wheels at half price.
“Padraic heard it on the radio and called me. That’s a help. And a good few people offered donations. People can’t all be bad,” said Ginty.

The trailer was originally bought using public donations and funds raised by the sanctuary’s charity shop.
Cllr Ginty  believes the theft could have been a ‘stolen to order’ operation, as it took place on a very quiet road. “They knew where they were going,” he said.
“Brand new tyres were put on it recently, which made it worse. The only way they [the thieves] will be caught is if they try to sell them to someone,” he added.
He also told The Mayo News that a local has offered a significant reward for information that leads to a conviction for the theft.

Christmas concerns
Since its formation five years ago, the sanctuary has re-homed approximately 100 horses, but thankfully incidents of horses being abandoned are decreasing.
“There’s not as near as many now; there’s a little bit of value on them [horses] now, and they’re not being treated as bad,” said Mr Ginty.
He went on the explain that five years ago during the recession, even valuable horses were being dumped, or being killed by the State.
Asked about the busiest time of year for saving abandoned animals, Mr Ginty said it is usually coming into winter, and after Christmas.
The sanctuary owner added that sometimes, even when horses are re-homed, it is not always a happy ending.
“The odd horse we’d re-home we’d have to take back. If people take them and get into difficulty, we’ll take them back.”
If anyone has information in relation to the theft of the wheels at Leigue, Ballina, between Tuesday and Wednesday last, they are asked to please contact Ballina Garda Station on 096 20560.

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