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Ardboley residents accept offer, but remain unsatisfied


Ger Flanagan

THE offer by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to reduce the speed limit at the dangerous Ardboley junction in Balla from 100kmh to 80kmh ‘is a step in the right direction’ says the Ardboley Road Action Committee. But until it’s reduced to their initial request of 50kmh, they will remain unsatisfied.
The junction, just outside Balla on the main N60 Balla to Claremorris road, has been the subject of heated debate in recent months, but following extensive consultation between the local community and TII, it has been agreed to introduce an 80kmh speed limit zone on the approach to Balla from Claremorris.
Speaking to The Mayo News, the Chairman of the Ardboley Road Action Committee said they accepted the proposal from the TII, for now at least.
“In the interest of safety, we have to accept every kilometre of a reduction, but we still feel that 80kmh is far too fast coming into that junction,” he said. “In the interest of the safety of people using that junction and using the Claremorris Roadm we have no choice but to take the offer.
“But if it’s not working, we will be going back to the TII for a full reduction to 50kmh, for what is deemed necessary and safe for both the Ardboley road users and other drivers.”
Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, welcomed the resolution.
“I am hopeful that these traffic calming measures will make Balla a safer place in which to live and work,” he said. “I commend the local community and TII for the cooperative and practical approach they have taken in relation to this matter.
“Crucially, I urge all motorists to pay heed to these new speed limits once they are introduced. I note that the TII is committing to keep the matter at Ardboley under review on an ongoing basis, and the issue can be revisited if required.”

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