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Mother of four sentenced to prison for theft


A mother of four has been sentenced to six months in prison after being convicted for theft for the 13th time.
The court heard that Ann McDonagh of 27 Castlegrove, Castlebar, entered Next clothing store on Lannagh Rd, Castlebar, on October 17, 2016, with a number of other females and was acting suspiciously. Store Manager Tracey Flanagan confronted McDonagh, who had previously been barred from the store, and McDonagh eventually took clothing from inside her clothes, throwing two items of baby clothes onto the shop floor before vacating the store. The clothes were valued at €18.
Defending solicitor Gary Mulchrone said his client had served her first prison sentence this year, despite having accumulated many sentences for theft. Ms McDonagh described the prison experience and being away from her children as ‘heartbreaking’ and said her husband is currently in prison serving a lengthy sentence.
Judge Mary Devins said McDonagh had exhausted every type of penalty and shown ‘nothing but contempt’ for the justice system, shop owners and people who earn a living to buy goods.
Ms McDonagh received a six-month prison term with three months suspended providing she pays compensation of €100 to Next before December 31.


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