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Bale of cocaine worth €50,000 washed up on Achill rocks


BEACH FINDThe suspicious item which was washed ashore on Achill which turned out to contain cocaine.

Anton McNulty

Many unusual objects have been washed up on the shores around Achill Island but a tourist got the shock of his life when he stumbled upon a package which turned out to be an estimated €50,000 worth of cocaine.
American tourist Tommy Schlather was walking along the beach near the Minaun Cliffs in Dookinella last Thursday afternoon when he made the surprise discovery. The object which was covered in plastic and taped up was located on the rocks when Tommy came upon it.
“I was walking on the beach and was sitting on the rocks when I noticed the item. It was maybe the size of an old [video] cassette tape and covered in black and yellow tape. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but when I had a closer look I had a fair idea,” he told The Mayo News.
Tommy was been visiting relatives in Achill and when he told them of his discovery, they contacted the local gardaí, who took the package away. It was later confirmed to The Mayo News that the package was full of cocaine and contained approximately a kilo of the substance. Depending of the purity of the batch, it is estimated that the street value could be as much as €50,000.
The area around where the drugs was found was later searched by gardaí but no other suspicious packages were found.


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