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Seven lives saved by donation of Orla’s organs


Anton McNulty

THE congregation attending the Funeral Mass of Orla O’Malley heard that seven people may have a new lease of life after her organs were donated following her death.
Fr Paddy Gilligan, the local PP, explained that Orla’s parents, Michael and Dolores made the decision to donate her organs and the seven people who received them will never forget their generosity.
“In the dark dark clouds of these days there is one small silver lining. Michael and Dolores accepted the reality that Orla was not going to recover, bravely and generously donated her organs. Donated these young healthy organs that she could no longer use and transplanted to a number of different people to give new life and new hope. The individuals and families who received these organs will never ever forget that generosity,” he said.
Orla O’Malley died in Mayo University Hospital and the transplantation of her seven organs to their new recipients took place shortly after her death. Fr Gilligan prayed the new recipients will recover after their surgery and asked the congregation to consider carrying a donor card as the death of one person could save many more.


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