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Sailor airlifted from UK submarine off Achill coast


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Anton McNulty

A BRITISH seaman was airlifted from a Royal Navy submarine located roughly 170 miles off the Achill coast after suffering an injury aboard the vessel.
The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency contacted the Irish Coast Guard, asking for assistance with the medical evacuation (medevac) at approximately 7.30am yesterday (Tuesday) morning.
The Sligo-based Coast Guard helicopter R118 was tasked to take part in the operation, and due to the distance involved, the Shannon-based R115 provided Top Cover.
The submarine travelled towards the Irish coast to meet with R118, and the crew member was winched from the vessel at approximately 9.30am. It is understood the sailor sustained fractures in both his legs and was brought to Sligo University Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.
The reason for the submarine’s presence has not been disclosed. A spokesperson for the Royal Navy said it would be ‘inappropriate to comment’, as the navy does not discuss submarine operations for ‘security reasons’ .