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People urged to keep an eye out for runaway Westport parrot


Neill O’Neill

A Westport family are appealing for locals to listen out for unfamiliar sounds in trees or near their homes, in the hope of being reunited with their African Grey Parrot which has been missing since Wednesday.
Roxy is five years old, a relative baby in parrot terms, and has never been outside or alone in the wild before. As such, her owner Liz Brown is significantly worried for her wellbeing at this stage, two days since she took flight.
The family live at Westlands on The Quay Road and it was from here that Roxy vanished out a temporarily open door on April 26, heading off over houses in the direction of Westport House. Whether she was looking to check out the tourist attraction for herself is unknown, but there has been quite a lot of talk about Roxy in the intervening days and she has become a hit on social media, and was also the subject of a leaflet drop and a lengthy interview on Mid West Radio.
Her owners have heard from people reporting strange sounds like a child talking near to their house, and are hopeful that this is Roxy, as she imitates sounds and words she hears, quite clearly.
However, the cold spell this week poses a threat to Roxy who would not be used to feeding herself and as such her owners are anxious to have her back in the safe confines of their home. It is not known where Roxy might be or how far she might travel, so people are being urged to keep a look out for the bird, which Liz describes as being like a pigeon with a red tail.
Please call Liz on 087 2617649 if you have any sighting of Roxy, or you can text a picture of the bird you think might be her to the same number, if you are unsure.


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