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Jarvey operator hopes to begin runs this weekend


Jarvey will begin runs at the Quay.
?Jarvey will begin runs at the Quay.

Jarvey operator hopes to begin runs this weekend

Anton McNulty

THE maiden run of a Westport jarvey took place over the weekend with the operator hoping to start transporting passengers next weekend.
Bella the horse made her maiden run around Westport with her jarvey, Kevin O’Reilly, at the reins in anticipation of further trips around the west Mayo tourist town. Last week, the West Mayo Municipal District passed a bye-law allowing for the operation of jarvey trips around the town for the first time.
Westport man Kevin told The Mayo News that he got a very positive reaction from the public over the weekend and hopes to start operating this weekend if he can get his licence.
“The feedback so far has been quite good and the horse acted very well in town and was on her best behaviour. There were a lot of people smiling and waving and taking photographs. People jumped on and I took them out the Coast road but it was just on a trial basis. I’m still waiting on my licence and hope to start next weekend,” he said.
Kevin explained that he will mainly operate around the Quay area of the town with trips out to the Reek mostly at weekends. The bye law precludes a jarvey from operating through the town up until 6pm over fears that it would cause traffic disruptions in the town. Kevin explained that he would prefer to be able to operate in the town during the day but understands the Council’s decision.
“I think the Council are trying their best to work with me on it and I understand their point of view. I won’t be going around holding up the traffic. Hopefully in the future I will be able to go down the town but that decision is down to the Council and I understand what they are doing. Will this be a success? I don’t know but I had a horse anyway and I decided to try this out and see how it goes.”
The carriage is Canadian built and is capable of accommodating five people along with the driver while Bella will be fitted with a dung gatherer. Kevin added that if anyone is looking for dung for their roses he is happy to accommodate them.

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