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Drunk man trespassed into women’s bedroom

Man trespassed into women’s bedroom

A man on probation for walking into a stranger’s house while drunk was last week before Castlebar District Court on a similar charge.
The court heard that while training to be a tutor at Killawalla adventure centre near Westport, Nathan Dooner of Lislea Cottage, Aghaboy, Killaloe, Co Longford, was ejected from the premises after trespassing in the building.
Sergeant Seán Cunnane said Mr Dooner had been out socialising in McEvilly’s pub in Killawalla and after returning to the adventure centre, Mr Dooner went into a house designated for female trainee tutors at 1.30am and entered the bedroom of two of the females.
The court heard that after managing to get Mr Dooner to leave their room, Dooner returned to the room again at 4.30am, and that one of the women became frightened, as she felt the defendant’s breath on her hair.
After being put out of the room for a second time, Dooner was taken to the reception of the centre, where he was allowed to sleep, while the two females were taken to Partry Garda Station to make statements.
Addressing the court, Mr Dooner, who pleaded guilty to the charge, said he remembered being in the pub and having four cans of cider, before returning to the adventure centre where he drank vodka and more cider. Dooner told the court he went back to the accommodation at 4.30am to see if one of the girls wanted to go back to the party.
Judge Devins told the court she had to ask for another probation report, stating that she was ‘not happy at all’ about the circumstances of the case, adding that she might return to witnesses’ statements.
The case was adjourned until April 16 next.