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Grant scheme available for septic tank upgrades

Grant scheme available for septic tank households

Anton McNulty

Householders with septic tanks may be able to avail of a grant of up to €4,000 to upgrade their tank following a decision by the Minister for Environment to establish a scheme which will provide financial assistance to householders.
The absence of a grant scheme to upgrade septic tanks was one of the main objections to the inspection of septic tanks and the decision to provide a grant scheme has been welcomed by local politicians.
Independent MEP Marian Harkin described Minister Hogan’s announcement as a ‘positive development for rural dwellers’.
“While it isn’t the full grant aid I and others asked for, it is nonetheless a real response from the Minister. Having initiated the septic tank campaign in June 2011, I am satisfied that the Minister has listened to our concerns and while his response is not as comprehensive as I might have liked, it is still a positive step.”
For households with income of up to €50,000, the maximum grant available will be €4,000, or 80 per cent of the cost. For households with income of between €50,000 and €75,000, the maximum grant will be €2,500, or 50 per cent of the cost.
The grants will be available for households who register their septic tank before February 1.
The announcement came less than 48 hours before a judgement by the European Court of Justice on Ireland’s septic tank situation which resulted in Ireland being fined €2million. MEP Harkin believes this announcement was ‘timed to reassure the Court of the government’s intention to deal with the issue of septic tank remediation’.
The announcement was also welcomed by Mayo Fine Gael TD John O’Mahony who said that it will be of particular benefit to low income households.
“Septic tank inspections are due to get under way in the New Year, and this announcement that grants are to be made available for remedial works will provide extra reassurance to householders.

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