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Costly night out in Westport for Roscommon stag pair

Costly night out in Westport for Roscommon pair on stag visit

Judge orders payment of €1,000 after late night trouble

Two men who travelled from Roscommon for a stag party in Westport where they drank all day ended up being arrested and appearing in court on public order charges.
Kieran Brandon of Grane, Fourmilehouse, Co Roscommon and Darragh Fallon of Liscoffey, Athleague, Co Roscommon appeared before Judge Conal Gibbons in Westport District Court on Thursday last.
Garda Ciarán Naughton told the court that on December 15 last, shortly after 1am, gardaí were called to the Blue Thunder takeaway restaurant on Mill Street. They were told that Brandon had struck out at the female manager of the restaurant and behaved in a threatening manner towards staff.
He added that Brandon was also aggressive and abusive towards gardaí and had to be arrested for intoxication in a public place and for threatening and abusive behaviour, under the Public Order Act.
Defending solicitor Laura Glennon told Judge Gibbons that Brandon had called to Westport Garda Station on the morning of court to apologise. She said he was home from Australia for the Christmas but was returning in the New Year. Both men were part of a stag party from Roscommon and Darragh Fallon admitted they had been drinking ‘all day’.
Judge Gibbons was told that the manager in Blue Thunder didn’t want to pursue the matter. Judge Gibbons said that some ‘restorative justice’ was called for and suggested that, in lieu of a conviction, Brandon volunteer a payment to the Blue Thunder manager, for her to accept or reject as she wished.
He asked Brandon what was a fair amount to reflect what had happened. Brandon said €200 but Judge Gibbons replied that €500 would be more suitable.
He added: “it’s somewhat worrying if someone going about their work has to encounter this behaviour, all be it if you are out of your tree’.
Brandon produced €500 before the end of the court and the matter was dismissed.
Inspector Joe McKenna told the court that in the case of Darragh Fallon, he was observed by gardaí outside Blue Thunder acting in a threatening manner towards a member of the public and when gardaí spoke to Fallon, he lunged at a member of the public and was subsequently arrested.
Responding to Fallon’s admission that the group had been drinking all day, Judge Gibbons said: “Aren’t human beings very odd. If they were in the desert for a week, they wouldn’t drink as much’.
Laura Glennon, defending, said that Fallon (22) is a lorry driver and has never been before the courts.
Judge Gibbons said he would dismiss the charge if Fallon pay €500 to the Garda Benevolent Fund, telling Fallon that he ‘has to understand that gardaí have a difficult enough job to do as it is’.
Regarding the amount, Judge Gibbons said that ‘you guys spent well over that on celebrations that day’.
Fallon said he wouldn’t have the money before the court that day so Judge Gibbons adjourned the matter to February 21. He said if the €500 wasn’t paid by then. Fallon would receive a conviction and a €600 fine.