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John off to a flying start on Operation Transformation

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Belmullet chef loses 12 pounds during first week

Michael Duffy

1301 John-Conmy 300HE nearly didn’t make the starting line up at all, but now he’s well and truly in the race.  after a major health scare last week, Belmullet chef John Conmy (pictured) now seems determined to make the most of his appearance on RTÉ’s Operation Transformation.
Tonight’s show on RTÉ One revealed that John lost a total of 12 pounds during his first week on the show, doubling the target of 6 pounds that was set for him by the Operation Transformation team.
Viewers of tonight’s show saw John and his brothers, Brendan and Declan, exercising together for the first time in 20 years after he was given the all clear to continue taking part in Operation Transformation by a cardiologist.
Serious concerns were raised about John’s health and future participation in the programme  after an ECG revealed irregular electrical activity in his heart. He learned from cardiologist Dr Gordon Pate that he has a common condition called atrial fibrillation, which carries a risk of stroke in the long run. However, the structure of the heart looked normal, which means  there’s a good chance that John can get its beats back to a regular rhythm. Dr Pate therefore cleared John to continue on the programme.
Viewers tonight also saw John’s wife, Evonne, making sure that he stuck to the plan by helping him with his food. 
“She has been immense,” John told viewers. “The encouragement, the support, just organising things, she has been great.”
John became emotional on learning that he had lost 12 pounds in his first week on the show.
“You don’t know what it means to someone this size to lose that in a week,” he said.
However, nutritionist Aoife Hearne had a warning for him.
“What a start! But for me the habits are so, so, so important, and I suppose, I didn’t necessarily see the effort of you taking responsibility. There was a part of me that was a bit pissed off when I saw your wife making your meatballs. You need to take responsibility for this,” she said.
Afterwards John told viewers: “12 pounds down, all the hard work paid off. I didn’t expect that, but it just goes to show that if you follow the plan, it can be done.”