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Books for the teens in your life

Staying In

Teenagers are notoriously hard to by Christmas gifts for – it’s all to easy to pitch the gift too old or too young – or worse, give something that’s just plain uncool. Books are a timeless gift, offering hours of escapism and ‘me time’ to the reader, but what are young adults reading these days?
Help is at hand. Here, Sadbh Rohu, a TY student on work experience in The Mayo News, shares her picks for books that teens would love to find under the tree.  

Books for her
I don’t think that I have ever met a girl who doesn’t love to snuggle up on the couch with her friends and have a good cry over a Nicholas Sparks movie. The man seems to have an endless talent for creating modern day fairy tales that are acceptable for us teenagers to like.
They say that the book is always better than the movie ... but what could possibly be better than a Nicholas Sparks movie? A book by the man himself! Luckily for us, his brand new book, ‘See Me’, has just hit the shelves. It tells the story of how bad boy Colin Hancock, who has a history of violence and bad decisions, meets good girl Maria Sanchez, who is the hardworking daughter of Mexican immigrants and seems to have her whole life mapped out in front of her.
The two have a chance encounter on a road one stormy night and of course fall in love – but with both running from their dangerous pasts will the story have a happy ending?

For him
I’m not a guy so I may not be the best judge of what books they might like to read, but what I do know is that every guy I’ve talked to loved the movie ‘Captain Philips’. What most people don’t know is that not only is it a true story, it was actually based on an autobiography by Richard Philips called ‘A Captain’s Duty’.
I personally loved this book. It tells the unbelievable story of how a captain took incredible measures to protect his crew and ship when they were boarded by real-life Somalia pirates in 2009.
‘A Captain’s Duty’ gives you an insight into the mind of a captain whose refusal to give up his crew meant that he was taken hostage in a lifeboat.
In reading this book you get to experience the real-life terror of the captain who recounts his every thought as he waited to see if help would arrive. Little did he know that the US Navy Seals were launching a major rescue operation. Pirates and the army … all in one book. What’s not to love?

For either
We all hate exams, but believe it or not I actually discovered one of my favourite books while I was studying for the Junior Cert last year. Normally, I’d be that person that would just automatically decide I disliked something because it was to do with school, but ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ kept me turning the pages. So I was really excited when I discovered that Harper Lee’s second novel ‘Go Set a Watchman’ was being released.
This book lets us reconnect with the characters of the much-loved first novel at a later time in their lives, when many of their opinions and political stances had taken a 360 degree turn.
Some wonder why you would even want to read a book that had been rejected by publishers so many years ago, but I thought it was so interesting to experience one of the highest-selling novels in American history from a different perspective.

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