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TECHNOLOGY New streaming site promises free tunes

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New site promises free tunes – while paying artists

UK music streaming site was launched in Ireland recently. Through the site, which claims to have three million users in the UK, music fans can stream, listen to and share music from a catalogue of over 6.5 million tracks for free – legally and safely. 
Users can choose from big international hits across all genres of music, an ever evolving roster of Irish-produced music not available anywhere else, cutting edge tracks from the best independent labels in the world, an enormous back catalogue of classics and rarities and heaps of exclusive Ireland-only previews. You won’t be able to access every song on every album, but you’ll be able to get a sampling of tracks by a wide selection of artists.
Co-founded by singer Peter Gabriel, we7’s free streaming service, Internet Radio Plus, is funded by advertising revenue, so the bands and artists are paid each time their music is played. It’s completely free to everyone in Ireland who has an internet connection, no matter which phone company or internet service provider you are with.
If you don’t want to hear the ads, you can choose to subscribe to the monthly Premium Service for €4.99 – all the ads will be banished and you can listen to the entire catalogue on your PC. The biggest difference between and other streaming sites is that you can access 6.5 million songs on the move. Those who wish to take their music off their PC and access their playlists on mobile devices such as i-Phones, i-Touch, i-Pads and many android phones and tablets can do so by joining the Premium Plus Service at €9.99 per month. And you don’t need a permanent internet connection to do so. Basically, you have access to 6.5 million songs, on demand, at any time at the touch of a button/touch screen.
Because we7 is web based, there’s no need to download or install anything on your computer. And if you want to share your playlists with your Facebook friends or tweet a new song you’ve discovered, you can do so on at the click of an icon.
The introduction of is potentially great news for new Irish music. The streaming site can be used as a promotional platform for new acts, introducing them to massive online audiences both in Ireland and the UK. Subject to reaching monthly listening quotas, bands are paid for plays of their music. The ‘we7 presents’ section will feature a host of new up and coming Irish acts in the next few months, which means that those acts will be promoted we7 users across the UK and Ireland. Irish bands who are not signed to record labels should go through aggregators such as AWAL or DITTO to get their tracks added to we7.

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