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Lock in moisture, top to toe


WINTER WOES Cold walks and warm houses often cause dry, chapped, sore skin.

Maggie Gibbons

Frosty January weather plays havoc with the skin. Broken veins, chapped skin and peeling lips are just a few of the problems it causes. The face, hands and feet get dry, and when you crank up the central heating your skin takes on a pasty appearance and becomes lacklustre. The cold crisp days may bring a rosy glow to the cheeks, but they also bring unpleasant dryness.
Most facial moisturisers are surrounded by huge hype and are outrageously expensive. There are several excellent moisturisers that won’t break the bank. To gain optimum effect, layer a serum under your moisturising cream. Serums are light yet super absorbent and will help to seal in the moisture. Your normal moisturiser will need a good boost. I recommend an oil-based product in winter, as it provides a protective layer. Now is also a great time to start using a night cream, as they’re usually oil based.
Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, which means it draws water up from the deeper layers of the skin into the more superficial layers. It also helps to remove superficial baddies and stimulates a brighter, more luminous complexion. Seems simple, right? Well not exactly. You see hyaluronic acid needs to be locked in, so you should apply a cream over it to seal the product in.
If your skin is particularly dry then apply it to damp skin before using your usual moisturiser. The Aldi one when paired with the activator is brilliant, and knocks the socks off its overpriced competitors.
As you know I love to promote Irish brands, and it is my absolute pleasure to recommend Mayo-based Ultrapure, whose skincare includes gels, toners and essential oils. The natural Sweet Almond Oil is a wonderful massage oil and moisturiser and can even be used on baby skin. Ultrapure Rose Hip Oil is just exquisite, and since I began using their Rosewater Toner toner I’ve become addicted, and now gift it to my friends.
Kinvara is another favoured Irish brand. Their Eye Wow! Eye Serum (€29.95) boasts 12 plant extracts and is fantastic for dark circles and puffiness.
Nia Just Balm (€16.95) is a natural, pure moisturising balm for face and body, formulated especially to treat dry skin and even eczema.
La Roche Posay’s Hydraphase Intense Mask (€16.50) gives high-performance intense hydration, while improving skin’s suppleness, while their Toleriane range is wonderfully effective for sensitive or allergy prone skin. When it comes to your lips, try their Cicaplast Levres (€6.50) if you want a protective treatment that hydrates and heals cracks while relieving discomfort.
Keep your feet in tip-top condition too with SVR Xerial 50 Extreme foot cream (€13). This non-greasy cream promises to soothe, nourishe and smoothe dry and very dry feet immediately – and even overcome corns and calluses in seven days when used daily. I have a devil of a corn, so I’m going to try it and will report back on its efficacy.  

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at living@mayonews.ie.

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