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In a routine rut?


SHAKE IT UP Be bold and shake up your cosmetics by trying out new colours and products.

Maggie Gibbons

Have you ever felt you’d just love a complete beauty-routine overhaul? Me too. I was looking through my make up drawer the other day and found around a million red lipsticks and black mascaras. Okay, a gross hyperbole, but definitely far more than I’ll ever need. However, the thought of changing to a nude lipstick or lighter mascara gives me beauty nightmares. Whenever I get a free lipstick with a purchase it gets passed to a pal … unless it’s red of course!
Each of us tends to have a signature look, and that’s fine, but before you know it, that look can become a rut. Maybe it’s time to consider a few minor changes to your routine.
Before you make any changes you need to figure out what goes and what stays.
For me, eyebrow filler stays. I’m just not prepared to go baldy! I might consider a change of colour though, for more definition. On second thoughts, I might go to a proper salon and have them done professionally for once!
I could also experiment with a dark blue or purple mascara. I always used YSL until I discovered new brands like Flormar Triple Action Mascara (€9.95 chemists nationwide), which has three functions in one wand. With a click you can lengthen, curl or volumise your lashes; the choice is yours. Good old Max Factor is hard to beat; their False Lash Effect Mascara is €12.99 and does exactly what it says. I’ve never gone back to YSL. Oh, fickle me.

If you’re guilty of using the same brand since you left school, you will be pleasantly surprised at the wonderful cost-effective ranges in your local chemist. I discovered the brilliant Declaré range in Staunton’s in Louisburgh. The range is luxurious and covers everything from anti-ageing to sensitive and allergic skins. Try the Multi Lift Serum (€59.50) and prepare to be thrilled. There are lots of men’s products in the range also.

If you’re a fan of Clarins watch out for their new Everlasting Cushion Foundation, which will hit the stores nationwide next month. The cushion technology evens out skin tone while quenching thirsty skin. It comes in a handy compact (€38), which can be refilled for €25.

Experiment with a new lipstick. My absolute favourite right now is the Catrice Lip Dresser Shine Stylo. It’s lipstick in a click pen which gives a gorgeous glossy finish and great coverage. It’s also vegan. Brilliant value at €5.50 and available nationwide.

Instead of using the same old shampoo, consider treating your hair with something from the Phyto range. This French brand uses only the finest botanicals, and there is something for every hair problem. The Radiance Vital Shampoo isn’t cheap at €15.95, but it definitely does the business and delivers super-charged hydration. The recently launched PhytoPlage sun-protection range is a must if you’re thinking of traveling or have sun-damaged locks. PhytoPlage sun oil (100ml) costs €19.

Bath time
If jumping in and out of the shower is your normal body-washing choice, maybe it’s time to think about a nice pampering, luxurious bath. Green Angel’s Rest and Calm Bath Soak (€9.95) will soothe and calm while the fragrance of essential oils carries you away. Afterwards, go to bed and rest your eyes with their Herbal Silk Eye Cushion (€14.95), which is utterly decadent and sure to guarantee a great night’s sleep. In selected chemists or online at greenangel.com.

Body balms
Treat yourself to a little something in the Roger & Gallet range for glowing, hydrated skin. Choose from the restoring or revitalizing balms (€23 for 200ml), which are 100 percent botanical and contain the most delightful oils … passion flower, apricot and sweet almond.. Available chemists nationwide. The Fleur de Figeur Ultra Nourishing Oil (€26.95 for 100ml) is a great multitasker and will treat your face, body and hair.

Find yourself buying the same nail color all the time? Why not try a different colour just once and see how it feels. Get out of that comfort zone. Current trends to explore include blues, teals, pastel yellows and neons. Or try one or two different colour nails on the one hand.

Bag it
Last, not least, get a new makeup bag, something that speaks to you because it’s colourful and gorgeous. Get rid of all the broken bits and fill it with lovely new products. It will be a long old winter, so now is the time to give yourself some delicious new treats. Enjoy!

> Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at living@mayonews.ie.

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