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BEAUTY REVIEW Camouflage for blemishes big and small

Camouflage for blemishes big and small

Tried and tested

Maggie Gibbons

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I always had an awareness of Dermablend, but I never gave it much attention because I thought it was just a corrective measure for birthmarks and deep pigmentation. Well it is that – but it’s also a whole lot more.
Vichy has recently launched Dermablend Skin Camouflage and the products are pretty amazing. These are The Ultra Corrective Cream Stick, Corrective Foundation and Setting Powder.
I have seen the results and would have to say I’m impressed.
I saw the Ultra-Corrective Cream-Stick (€21.50) being demonstrated and can vouch for the fact that it works on anything from eye bags, dark circles and pigmentary disorders to tattoos (yes, tattoos!), acne and even vitiligo. The product comes in seven shades that produce a natural coverage, and because it comes in a stick, it’s also handy to carry. It can indeed also be used as a concealer for minor imperfections. Another benefit is that it has an SPF 30, so provides high-level protection from the sun.
The wonderful thing about the Corrective Cream-Stick is that it lasts all day without caking. It’s also water-resistant, and has been tested in both saunas and swimming pools. It is applied easily, either with fingers or directly onto the skin depending on the particular skin flaw.
A study carried out on 63 women by four dermatologists revealed that the Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Cream-Stick could instantly and lastingly improve quality of life. While that might sound like a stretch, a definite boost in self-confidence was the main finding. We all know that skin defects can be difficult to live with…
Dermablend is available at selected pharmacies where there may also be a complimentary service demonstration. Trained experts will advise on shade choice and application technique. For information on where it’s available log on to or phone 1890 946 328.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at