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HEALTH Lent is a good time to get re-motivated

A good time to get re-motivated

Veronica Mannion

For most of us, our new year’s resolutions have become a faded memory by now. I have found lent to be a good time to refocus. The idea of giving up something you like is a challenge in itself. Do you have to go down that route?
What about setting yourself a different type of challenge? What about taking up rather than giving up. What about changing a habit, getting fit and losing a few pounds.
You don’t need to be religious to do lent – all you need is a goal, and a lot of motivation. The seven weeks gives you a beginning and an end. The knowledge that it will be over by Easter can give a person peace of mind. That said, it may become so enjoyable you might keep it up well after Easter is over.
Five years ago, I took up running. In June of that year I ran the Dublin mini-marathon and later a half-marathon. I continue to run three days a week. Two years ago I decided to learn how to swim. I enjoyed it so much that I became a swim teacher and now teach people how to swim.
Go on set yourself a challenge – it might just become a routine you enjoy so much you can’t to live without it.

Veronica Mannion runs EasySlimFitness classes in Westport, Castlebar, Claremorris and Ballina ( She can be contacted at 087 2308946 or