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MUSIC Little Ass Birds to play in Westport

Going Out

Gospel hour with a twist

From Old Carter Family Classics to their own original songs drawn from the musical wells of mountain music and gospel revivals, Little Ass Birds sing in the old-time style around one microphone.
The five-member band’s sound evokes an atmosphere of simpler days where generations of hardworking men and women passed their time on front porches or around campfires, singing songs of life’s harsh realities, survival, hope, and songs of better days to come. Their own description of their music? ‘The Irreverent Gospel Hour for Heathens, Boozers and Ne’er-Do-Wells’.
Haunting harmonies and uplifting melodies mingle in a stirring concoction of spirited old-time and country music.
Little Ass Birds are playing a free gig in Geraghty’s, The Octagon, Westport, this Saturday night, March 13. The gig is organised by Electric Cave Productions as part of a series of forerunners to the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, which takes place on the last weekend of June.