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Bosco is back

Going Out

OUTSIDE THE BOX Bosco and friends will be at Westport Town Hall Theatre this Sunday.

Ciara Moynihan

Bosco first popped out of a yellow box and onto Irish television screens in 1979, and the irrepressible little character proved to have serious sticking power. That woolly red hair, green stripy shirt and squeaky sing-song voice became a permanent fixture on the nation’s TVs for years to come.
To this day, the Bosco theme tune can fill generation Xers’ hearts with nostalgia for magic doors, strangely dressed presenters and low-budget studios  – not to mention the bizarre Gregory Gráinneog, a talking lump of plasticine that was, despite having a horse’s head and no spines, supposed to be a hedgehog. Now, four decades later, Bosco is back, and touring the country to mark the show’s 40th anniversary.
Still five years old with healthy red cheeks, the precocious gender-free puppet is reportedly very excited to meet all of Westport’s boys and girls when the Paula Lambert brings the interactive show ‘Bosco’s Garden and Cinderella’ to Westport Town Hall Theatre this Sunday, February 17.
Paula Lambert, the voice of Bosco, is a member of the celebrated Lambert Puppet Theatre family.  Ever since she first started touring with her father, Eugene (of Wanderly Wagon fame), she has has been entertaining children all over the country with many of the popular children’s characters from RTÉ, such as Judge and Mr Crow. She now tours with third-generation puppeteer Johnny Lambert, and her productions have been described by the Irish Examiner as ‘slapstick silly and utterly spectacular’.

Show starts at 2pm. For tickets (€12 each) and more information, visit www.westporttheatre.com or call the Westport Town Hall Theatre box office on 098 28459.