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Westport Film Club screens acclaimed Danish thriller

Going Out

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE Jakob Cedergren stars in ‘The Guilty’.

Westport Film Club is back with a strong Spring 2019 season, kicking off tomorrow evening Wednesday, February 6, at 9pm in the W Cinema with ‘The Guilty’.
This claustrophobic Danish thriller unfolds in one room in real time, as former police officer Asger Holm on alarm dispatch duty receives an emergency call from a dispatched woman. But he is confined to the police station, so when the call disconnects, Asger must rely on others to help him find the victim and assailant of this rapidly accelerating crime. As the situation worsens, the reason the cop was taken off the streets is revealed, as is the troubled state of his personal life.
Lead actor, Jakob Cedergren, is in every second of the film, and his powerful performance has been widely praised. The director Gustav Möller wanted to build a film around each viewer listening to the calls picturing a different scenario – giving every single audience member a completely unique experience.
‘The Guilty’ has picked up 25 awards since premiering at Sundance in 2018, where it won the Audience Award in the World Cinema category. More audience awards at Rotterdam, Torino and Monclair suggest the film is a serious crowd pleaser. An American remake is in the works, with Jake Gyllenhaal in the central role.
‘The Guilty’ is 85 minutes long and in Dutch with English subtitles. It is unrated by IFCO, but it does contain strong language and implied violence.
Tickets and membership can be purchased in the W Cinema from 8.30pm tomorrow evening. Non-mMembers are always welcome, and guests can pay €10 entry per film.
Next month’s screening will be Paddy Breathnach’s ‘Rosie’ on March 6, followed by the Swedish ‘Border’ on April 3, with the Oscar-nominated ‘Shoplifters’ finishing the spring season on May 1.