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New group show to open in Claremorris Gallery

Going Out

‘Blue Settee with White Ceiling’, by Mary Ronayne

‘Artist-Wife’, an exhibition of work by four painters, Cecilia Dannell, Mary Ronayne, Rachel Coyne and Sara Foust, opens in Clarmorris Gallery on Saturday, December 8, from 3pm to 5pm.
Rachel Coyne’s paintings are concerned with the place and status of women’s experience in Irish society. She has an interest in photographs from the 1970s and 80s, and paints women in domestic situations that are somehow intimate. The female figures could represent any woman – your mother, your aunt, your niece, your friend, your daughter.
Swedish-born, Galway-based Cecilia Danell works in paint, film and installation. Through her own encounters with the Scandinavian landscape, she explores the theatricality of places that become imbued with artifice, as they can’t live up to the human need for that which is primal, wild and untouched. Often foregoing the picturesque for the partial and askew, there is an appearance of melting of the landscape, suggesting an existential undoing, as well as an ongoing exploration into the possibilities of the medium of paint.
Sara Foust was born in 1970 in America, and spent her childhood on a rural farm in the deep South. After training and working as an artist in Rhode Island and California, she moved to  Co Clare, where she has lived since 2002. She is deeply inspired by the west, and her layered and textural landscapes, explore emotional resonance, nostalgia and architectural narrative.
Carlow-born Mary Ronayne uses colour to convey the drama or simplicity of a situation. Tje artist, who now lives on the Curragh in Kildare, uses a variety of paint, including domestic paint and enamel, to achieve a dramatic contrast, controlling the paint so that some areas are flat and calm, juxtaposed with areas that appear unconstrained and expressive.

‘Artist-wife’ will run at Claremorris Gallery until December 22.