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Harry Dean Stanton’s swansong screens at Linenhall

Going Out

TRIUMPH Harry Dean Stanton plays a crusty cowboy at the end of his life in ‘Lucky’.

Linenhall Film Club rounds out 2018 with the inimitable Harry Dean Stanton’s poignant and quietly beautiful swansong, ‘Lucky’, which will be screened on Tuesday, December 4, at 8pm.
Lucky (Stanton) is a 90-year-old wartime veteran living in a small remote desert town. This fiercely independent atheist’s life has happily revolved around a daily routine involving yoga, diner visits, crossword puzzles, TV game shows, cigarettes and meeting up with his long-time friends at his local. But now as he contemplates the end of life, he finds himself on a late journey of self-exploration...
This award-winning first feature from actor-turned-director John Carroll Lynch (‘Fargo’, ‘Zodiac’) allows Stanton to shine as the elderly atheist seeking the meaning of his life. Stanton’s final on-screen performance is funny, touching and beguiling, and all the more poignant in the knowledge that he passed away aged 91, just days before the film’s US cinema release.
For the first few decades of his career, Stanton was always cast as a supporting character. But that all changed when he was 58, when Sam Shepard discovered Stanton in a crowded bar and gave him the lead role in the 1984 film ‘Paris, Texas’, one of the greatest American road movies ever made, written by Shepard and directed by Wim Wenders.
“Everything Harry Dean Stanton has done in his career, and his life, has brought him to his moment of triumph in Lucky, an unassumingly wonderful little film about nothing in particular and everything that’s important,” wrote a Variety reviewer, while The Observer’s Rex Reed said that the film ‘packs a really sensitive, understated, emotional wallop’.

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